Portable Restrooms

The Utility Series offers a complete selection of individual and stand-alone restrooms, washstands, and accessories. Ideal for construction sites, parks, athletic fields, fairs and festivals, these units feature durable construction with a wide selection of comfort amenities and access options. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, just give us a call. We are constantly adding new models. Click on the picture for full details on each unit.


The PJ III is the workhorse of the PolyJohn line. The traditional design makes it ideal for a variety of applications. And the PJ III is built to last. The unit is manufactured with our proven, specially formulated high-density polyethylene. This three-part formula developed and tested in coordination with Ciba-Giegy and Phillips 66 has been proven to extend the life of our portable toilets to over ten years. This special polyethylene is resilient, impact resistant and stands up to weather extremes.


  • Built to last-up to ten years!
  • Heavy duty high density polyethylene
  • Impact resistant
  • Withstands extreme weather
  • Optional sling for high rise construction sites

We’ll Care III

“The PolyJohn portable restroom not only complies with the ADA requirements but exceeds conformance by providing more than ample maneuvering space as well as full wrap-around grab bars for additional support. The unit’s high quality, attention to detail, and aesthetic considerations make it very user friendly.” -D. Eric Leedy The We’ll Care III offers a new angle and level of quality for special needs restrooms. Created for the disabled, this unit has undergone a full architectural review and is certified as meeting ADA guidelines set for restroom standards. The stylish, contoured design combines class and functionality, setting it above industry standards. The We’ll Care III is designed with an expansive, hexagonal floor that allows for easy wheelchair maneuverability and caregiver assistance. We’ve included extended grab bars to provide both physically and visually impaired individuals with better stability and support. There is an impressive array of features offered in the We’ll Care III. The static tank toilet extends outward and adheres to specific height requirements, while adding to the overall safety and comfort of the unit. Also, the low ground level floor is uniquely designed to make getting in and out of the unit a smooth transition. The door includes an easy opening latch and automatic door closure system. The latch also locks for privacy and visually displays an automatic occupied/unoccupied indicator. To enhance the airflow through the unit, there are five discreetly hidden ventilation screens and a new design exterior vent exhaust duct for odors.


  • Handicap Accessible-ADA Approved
  • Hexagonal design for wheelchair access
  • Extended grab bars for stability
  • Low ground level floors for easy access
  • Easy open door with auto-close system
  • Enhanced airflow for improved exhaust

Signature Series

The Signature Series from PolyJohn features the enhanced hygiene and performance amenities ideal for special events. The Signature Series starts with the same specially formulated polyethylene used in our PJ III and Fleet Series models. However, the Signature Series is loaded with progressively designed features that make all the difference in comfort and convenient maintenance. The ventilation system is discreetly hidden to maintain the integrity of the design, yet allow air to flow freely throughout the unit. A rain gutter built into the door frame eliminates cascading water when the door is opened. Inside, we’ve eliminated the urinal, and projected the toilet bowl out over the tank to make it more user friendly. And unequaled in hygiene. Depending on your requirements, there are three Signature Series models to fit your needs-including the City Mains unit which ties in directly to municipal sewers and fresh water lines; the Fresh Flush unit and Recirculating Flush.


  • Heavy duty high density polyethylene
  • Discreet ventilation for improved airflow
  • Extended toilet bowl eliminates need for urinal
  • Exterior rain gutters

Comfort Inn

The Comfort Inn provides easy access for all patrons with its oversized door opening and spaciousness. The unit is made of durable polyethylene and features a rugged, impact-resistant, non-skid ramp. Handy grab bars are conveniently located to ease mobility within the unit.


  • Easy access
  • Oversized door for easy access
  • Spacious interior
  • Convenient grab bars to ease mobility
  • Durable polyethylene unit
  • Impact-resistant, non-skid ramp

The Men’s Room

The Men’s Room is a hexagon shaped restroom containing five, single-user rotomolded wall mounted urinals. A privacy barrier replaces the traditional door. The three piece scaffolding with individual vinyl/nylon panels allows efficient, unimpeded traffic flow and is connected to the roof of the Men’s Room for support and wind resistance. Convenient entrance and exit signs are located on the barrier. The Men’s Room single user urinals and their positioning complies with I.A.P.M.O. (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) Uniform Plumbing Code (U.P.C.) which prohibits the use of urinal troughs.


  • Hexagonal design for ample mobility
  • Contains five wall-mounted urinals
  • Privacy barrier in place of door
  • Design allows for unimpeded traffic
  • Entrance/Exit signs on barrier


Construction sites are the most common, yet most challenging environments for portable toilets. Accessibility, mobility and durability are major concerns. We offer portable units designed exclusively for high-rise applications. The PolyLift portable restroom combines durable steel frame construction with polyethylene for long life and cleanability. The unit is specially designed to fit easily in construction elevators or can be hoisted by crane or sling. PolyLift comes equipped with urethane wheels for greater mobility. Once in place, the wheels can be locked for safety.


  • Designed for high-rise applications
  • Durable steel frame / polyethylene body
  • Fits easily in construction elevators
  • Can be hoisted by crane or sling
  • Urethane wheels lock for safety

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